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WTF!!! I am getting Lazy!

Posted by GamerBomb | Posted in | Posted on Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ok... I don't know, but I am really getting lazy right now. I haven't been recorded any game footage for almost 3 weeks. And right now I have winter holidays, and I actually planned to record a lot of footage. Well I can do it over and tomorrow, I will be planning to at least record 1 hours of my LP "Daxter". I might be able to record that, and also be recording some coded arms or chili con carnage.

Actually I have a reason why I haven't been recording that much. Because I have been playing Borderlands and a lot of other ps3 games. In this 3 weeks. I bought 6 days in total. All 6 for the ps3: Borderlands, Killzone 2, Overlord II, TNA iMPACT!, Stormrise and Prince of Persia. Well a lot of games to play and a lot of trophies to hunt. And thats my second reason why I haven't recorded any vid footage. Because, as you might have noticed then I am creating these daily trophy collection issues. And I am really wanting to get some trophies to talk about, but I will change that, and when I am getting a trophy or two, then I will do a blog about it. I am not going to sit down and really try to get a trophy (I will maybe do this sometimes because I am still a trophy hunter).

But Ya I will be recording some Daxter tomorrow and maybe also Coded Arms, Chili Con Carnage or Prinny.

But I will promise you that when I have got the Hauppauge HD PVR (a recorder) then I will be recording a lot of ps3 games in outstanding HD. And I will of course to commentarys while playing. I have 30 ps3 games, and almost all of them can I beat, so it will be a result of a lot of game playthroughs.

This was a little quick update. stay tune for the next post.



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