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A long Hunt has begun

Posted by GamerBomb | Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I have now finally created my official blog and the final one. I have been thinking a lot, if I should make a "real" Website or a blog like this one. The result as you can see now ended up with a blog. But why did I end up with a blog? I have been running a website in over a year, and I have really been working on the website for a long time, but I was just getting tired of managing with all the HTML (it was a free HTML/CSS website). So every time I should post a new post, then I have to go to the html and then paste in what I wanna write and save it like a template. It took to much time I didn't want to spent money on a PHP server and all that shit. S for a few days ago I decided to start a free blog here on blogger. And I think it is going to be a great solution.

But what am I going to do with the blog? Well I will try to post a blog post as many times I can do, and they will contain information about how my day was, what I did and all that normal blogging (shit). But I also wanna do something else. As you might have noticed, then I have trophies in my header image. And it is because I am going to make blogs about my Trophy hunting experience through the games. I will try to write down everyday all the trophies I have collected in one day and comment on them. Then you can also come with your opinion on the trophies.
Also I will make posts about what games, movies and music albums/singles I recently have bought, and of course give a small review I thoughts about it.

Also I will post thoughts about about the games I have played through and created walkthroughs of (walkthroughs is a guide through a game). Some of you know that I have a youtube channel where I upload game videos for different games on different consoles (link in one of the ads to the right sidebar).

Well thanks for reading and stay tune for a new blogpost.



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