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Trophy hunt and guides

Posted by GamerBomb | Posted in | Posted on Monday, July 19, 2010

Right now I am trying to get the platinum trophy in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Today I beat the campaign on Veteran with my friends Dramcus. Right now I need to beat the most of the Spec ops. Almost reached 30 stars. But then I also need all the intels.

Also I am planning on doing some text guides, now when I can't do video playthroughs. So until I get a new pc, I will do text guides for games and even for the trophies in a game. If I am getting more into the text guide writing, then I will maybe do these guides after I got a new pc, and do this as some side-projects.

Now I am currently really working hard to make some money, so I can buy that bastard of a pc I need.

CYA ;)



Preparing part 2 of my vacation

Posted by GamerBomb | Posted in | Posted on Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tomorrow it is my birthday, and it is exactly the day where we are travelling to the summerhouse, we are borrowing from some of our friends. I am not sure if there are any internet connection. But you will know, because I will then not post any blogposts in the next week. I have no idea when I will come home, as we plan on staying there untul we don't want to. So it can be from 2 days to an whole week.

Also I have come to an conclusion with buying a new computer. I will buy an iMac. It will be the 21,5" and I am currently finding out what the differents bewteen the other iMacs. But I am pretty sure I will buy one of these. This will be my first mac computer, so it will take me some time to get used to the system. And also the editing and exporting. Because I know it is not the exactky same way as sony vegas, and I don't think you can batchrende in Final Vut. But I will try and ask some of my "colleges" that also are a mac user.

Now I will later today create my first trophy issue. And it will contain a big collection of all the trophies I have collected.


Blog reopened

Posted by GamerBomb | Posted in | Posted on Friday, July 09, 2010

I know I haven't been active on this blog in avery long time. Now it will be changed, because I now when my laptop is broken, and I really can't make any playthrough videos, then I will start write blog posts almost every single day. Also I will actually start write text guides, and post them on the different text guide pages: Wikicheats, gamefaqs, ign and etc.

But I will also start up the trophy archieve posts again. I will discuss my lately archieved trophies. But the only problem is that currently I am buying lots of games, and I can't discuss all the trophies, because then it will just become a fucking long text, that no one would ever read. So I will then, start pick some of the trophies that I think is kinda special, and start dicuss them, and then I will in the end, just paste in all the trophies I have archieved without discussing them.

I will also start write update posts, so I don't have to put up update videos all the time. So I hope you will follow the blog, and I will soon upload a video about the blog. But it will be with movie maker...


broken Laptop...

Posted by GamerBomb | Posted in | Posted on Friday, July 09, 2010

I just came home from my first trip in the summerholidays. I was in Berlin / Germany, and I had a really great time there. I saw almost all you could see in the city. Some of the importing things was the berlin wall and lots of other.

But whn I came home from Berlin, then I wanted to check out all the emails I have received the whole week while I was gone (Internet at the hotel was too expensive), then it won't start up. Well the screen was black, but had some pixelating things at the upper part of the screen. Now I have no idea how I can get my stuff out of the pc. Because I have almost over 20 hours of game footage I have recorded, that needed edited and uploaded to youtube. And I did not take backup, because I did not have enough space on my external harddrive.

So I am currently trying to find out what have happened. I will only get it repaired if it is not too expensive. But if I can't then I will go out and buy a new pc. But this time it will be a desktop pc. It will be a lot stringer, and I will maybe start record pc games :) But we will see.

Right now I just have to find a new pc, and then ahmm get the money to buy it... But I am maybe not able to get online in the next week. Because I am going to my summerhouse with ma family.

So check out this blog and my youtube channels bulletin or videos, to get more updates about the pc problem.