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Trophies Collected - Issue #1 / 23th February 2010

Posted by GamerBomb | Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The 23th February 2010 did I collect a few trophies. And generally it is trophies that I wasn't hunting. They just popped up while I was playing. I collected in total 6 trophies, and these trophies have been achieved while playing two games:

The first is Overlord II that I have just bought. It gave me 3 Trophies and they were pretty easy, as it was some of the beginner trophies:

  • "Big Chopper" - Achieve 50 melee kills.
  • This trophy, was pretty easy to collect, because I just generally Chopped now some of the enemies, with my sword, and then it suddenly popped up.
  • "Mayhem Maker" - Cause mayhem during the prelude.
  • This trophy is and will always be one of the easiest trophies. If you complete the intro of the game, then you just collected this trophy. All you actually have to do, is to follow the instructions you will get in the game.
  • "Minion Harvester" - Gather 10 lifeforce orbs.
  • All you have to do to collect this trophy, is to follow the game, because when you are during the tutorial, then you will get asked to collect 30 of these lifeforce orbs, so you should be able to complete this trophy, if not? Then you might find something else to do, than hunting trophies.

The second game is borderlands, that I have bought for a while ago. I managed to collect 3 throphies yesterday, while playing coop with my friend JohnnydFox (OscarPhyre). I have collected a lot of the trophies in this game, but the one I collected is:

  • "Made in Fyrestone" - Completed all missions in the Arid Badlands.
  • This trophy was a bit long trophy to get. As it says then you have to complete all the missions in the Arid Badlands Area. And I think it is about 45 missions you have to complete in this area. But it is easiest to play with a friend, because it is more fun to play, and you have a better chance to survive.
  • "Paid in New Haven" - Complete 5 missions in the Rust Commons.
  • Yup, Johnny and I reached to the Rust Commons, and completed quickly 5 missions. Didn't take that long (well Johnny knew all these missions, so it was pretty easy, just to follow him).
  • "Ding! Expert" - Earned Level 20.
  • Well we both reached level 20, and I actually think we reached level 23 or 24. So really easy trophy, not much explanation.

That was all for now. I will tomorrow post all the trophies I have earned today (if I am achieve any trophies).



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