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New youtube Channel Module!!!

Posted by GamerBomb | Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Well here for a few hours ago, youtube just released the "other channels" box. This box can be displayed on your youtube channel like you subscriptions, subscribers, friends and activities (and more...).

With this box, then you can display your friends channels as a recommendation for you fans. So if people are going to your channel, then you can recommend them to move over to your freinds or a channel you like.

For me it is a really great new little feature, that have only been used for the youtube partners. And especially now, when I have a lot of friends on youtube, then I might be able to have a lot of recommendations to my channel (which means more fans :))

So if you are interested, please recommend me:


Ninja Assassin - Thoughts

Posted by GamerBomb | Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Now I have seen the movie "Ninja Assassin". That was realeased in 2009. I have been looking at this movie for sometime, and watched a few trailers, and I thought it might be a really great action movie. Well sure it was. It was filled up with action and blood (A lot of blood). This movie is not for people that can't take to much blood, because this movie are containing violent blood kills. And ya I mean it, hads are rolling, arms and legs are flying around.

The movie are trying to fill it with some story, and it is succeeding with the backstory, but not the story itself. It is a pretty weak plot we are going through, so this is pretended to be a movie for all the action tasted people, that just want to enjoy a great gory action film.

But one thing, that is amazing is all the stunts. The movie contains parkour and full with jumping tricks.

My own view:

As I said before, then the movie is only a action movie with a weak story, but I say that it is almost containing to much action. I have no nr. of how many kills you are gonna watch in the movie, because there are a lot. And especially in the end, where you almost had a enough of all this action filled with blood.

If I should rate this movie, then I would give it: 4/10

Because this movie have to much action, and having a really weak story.


My Thoughts about Overlord II

Posted by GamerBomb | Posted in | Posted on Saturday, March 06, 2010

Ok Now I have been playing Overlord II for a few hours, and in this blog post I am gonna write my thoughts about the game.

Overlord II logo

The game is about where the minions have to find a overlord also called "Master" to control them and here they got a little kid, where he is vandalising the whole childtown he is living in, and in the end he is getting kicked out. Now you are going to grow up and when you are a full adult, then you are finally started the real game.

Well we can start with the controls. I think it is kinda weird, because it is pretty hard to control how many you want to move, because it is going to fast at sending your troops of minions. So you are going to send to many over to the enemy troops, and you might be fucked :) Well also I think that sometime times my troops are not reacting. I think it is a bug or an error in the game, but I found out that you just have to call them to you. But the controls are pretty good, if we are moving away from the bad count sending system and bugs.

The graphics are pretty good, but it could have been done better. The cutscenes are amazing, but the mouth moving effects is fucking bad. it is not moving like the voice, so it sounds like the voice are not coming from the minion. So that could have been a lot better.

The game itself is ok, because it is like a whole world you are going to play in, where you start with controling a bit and then you can earn more land and destroy some of Caesars areas. The game is containing quests and tasks, so it like a RPG, but just where you are upgrading your troops and not yourself.

After playing it for a while, it was getting a bit boring, because the story is not really catching me. Also they are trying to entertain, with humor, like hippie elf and all that, but it is not really fun.

So I think the game is a bit boring, and not a game I could play for a lot of hours.


Trophies Collected - Issue #6 / 1th March 2010

Posted by GamerBomb | Posted in | Posted on Friday, March 05, 2010

Now I am back with another issue of my trophy blog posts. First of all, I am really sorry I haven't wrote any posts in 5 days. I am on my first year at Senior Highschool, and after the winter holidays, then I suddenly got hundreds of essays to make, so I wasn't able to post any blogposts, but it also means that I wasn't able to play some ps3, but only at Monday the 1st March. As I wrote in the last post, then I got the ps3 game called WET, and some others, but I have only tried WET, and after a hours of playing this game I managed to achieve 4 trophies.

WET logo
  • Monkey Curious! "monkey Curious!" - Collect 1 Monkey Toy.
  • This trophy, was my first trophy in this game, and all you have to do, is catching up the first monkey you see in the game. And you will find it in the first 10 min. or something, because it is like blocking your way, so it is really easy to catch.

  • Chinatown Rundown "Chinatown Rundown" - Complete Chapter 1 on any difficulty setting (Story Mode).
  • Just complete the first chapter in the story mode. And the first chapter is pretty easy, it is like a whole tutorial chapter, but it is kinda long, but easy.

  • Impulse Buyer! "Impulse Buyer!" - Purchase any 3 upgrades.
  • When you have enough action points, then use them on upgrading your character, because after purchasing three different upgrades, then this trophy is yours. And I found this pretty easy. I got it after the first chapter was completed.

  • Vehicular Carnage "Vehicular Carnage" - Complete Chapter 2 on any difficulty setting (Story Mode).
  • After playing through the first chapter, then just click on continue, and you will then have to get ready to press on the buttons on your joy pad. Just click on the right button as it says on the screen, and shoot the enemy cars, and the trophy is yours. A pretty easy chapter, because it is not long. It is only long if you are not pushing the right button, at the right timing.
That was my #6 issue of my Trophy blogpost. I will of course post more, and I think I will play some more ps3 in the weekend or maybe later today. Stay tune for the next issue.


Another damn Pickup :)

Posted by GamerBomb | Posted in | Posted on Monday, March 01, 2010

Hey again. Now I have picked a few games again, it is not because I am rich, but because I can find the best offers.This time it turned into 3 new ps3 games :) Yay and two of them contains trophies :).

The first game is Wet. It is a game I have been looking at for a long time. I have been watching a few parts of a walkthrough of this game, so I know how it looks like, and I think it looks so cool. Actually in the beginning I did not want to buy the game, but then after ween that the game contains trophies, then I tought "WHY NOT?". I bought it for only 20$ so it wasn't so bad. I haven't tried the game yet, but when I got time, then I will do it :) (haven't really tried any of these games I just bought, because I bought them for an hours ago).

The second game is Fracture. This game have been one of the games I really wanted to buy. The game is having a lot of effects, and after trying the demo of this game from the Playstation Store, then I was sold. A lot of my friends said, that this game sucks, but after playing the demo, then I really liked it, but it can be because of the bad storyline, but for me it doesn't matter. I am normally really wanting a good story and a good gameplay, then sometimes I need a break from the stories and want to kick some ass, and shoot head off (well you can't do that in the game, but you can kill them). But the sad thing with this game is, that it doesn't have any trophies.

The third and last game, is BrĂ¼tal legends. I have been watching a lot of walkthroughs of this game, and wow it looks good. I really like the sandbox style, where you can go around and get new missions and all that (just like borderlands and Oblivion). Also some of my friends recommended me this game, so I will give it a try. I bought this game only for 25$. And it is actually a pretty new game, so I am happy.

Now it is surely time to play some games, so that was all for this time and see ya in the next post.