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2 more to the Collection

Posted by GamerBomb | Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, February 23, 2010

woohooo!!! I have now got home from a long trip (3-4 hours). Here I found two ps3 games that I bought.

The first game is Overlord 2. I have rally been looking a lot at this game, but never thought about buying the game. I have never tried the first game, but it looks fun. Also it was pretty cheap (about 15 $). Also the game contains trophies (50 Trophies in total). But I am really excited to start playing the game. Also I might pickup the first game if this game is a game I wanna keep (I am actually keeping all my games I am buying, because I have a really wide taste of the game genres). Also I have been watching a few walkthorughs for both games, and it looked great, and really long.

The second game is TNA iMPACT! and why I bought this game is only because I always wanted a wrestling game, and it was also cheap (again 15$). I actually thought it contained trophies, but it didn't but still I think it would be fun to try. When I was a kid I managed to get a demo of a Playstation 2 version of a wrestling game.I played the game for hours and I thought it was fucking awesome. But my parents was on Pegi's site (a age indicator for how old you have to be to play the game). But now they don't care, and here we go TNA iMPACT!

That was my pickup for this time.
Also I will do a review/thoughts about the game after I have been playing through the games.



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