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Trophies Collected - Issue #6 / 1th March 2010

Posted by GamerBomb | Posted in | Posted on Friday, March 05, 2010

Now I am back with another issue of my trophy blog posts. First of all, I am really sorry I haven't wrote any posts in 5 days. I am on my first year at Senior Highschool, and after the winter holidays, then I suddenly got hundreds of essays to make, so I wasn't able to post any blogposts, but it also means that I wasn't able to play some ps3, but only at Monday the 1st March. As I wrote in the last post, then I got the ps3 game called WET, and some others, but I have only tried WET, and after a hours of playing this game I managed to achieve 4 trophies.

WET logo
  • Monkey Curious! "monkey Curious!" - Collect 1 Monkey Toy.
  • This trophy, was my first trophy in this game, and all you have to do, is catching up the first monkey you see in the game. And you will find it in the first 10 min. or something, because it is like blocking your way, so it is really easy to catch.

  • Chinatown Rundown "Chinatown Rundown" - Complete Chapter 1 on any difficulty setting (Story Mode).
  • Just complete the first chapter in the story mode. And the first chapter is pretty easy, it is like a whole tutorial chapter, but it is kinda long, but easy.

  • Impulse Buyer! "Impulse Buyer!" - Purchase any 3 upgrades.
  • When you have enough action points, then use them on upgrading your character, because after purchasing three different upgrades, then this trophy is yours. And I found this pretty easy. I got it after the first chapter was completed.

  • Vehicular Carnage "Vehicular Carnage" - Complete Chapter 2 on any difficulty setting (Story Mode).
  • After playing through the first chapter, then just click on continue, and you will then have to get ready to press on the buttons on your joy pad. Just click on the right button as it says on the screen, and shoot the enemy cars, and the trophy is yours. A pretty easy chapter, because it is not long. It is only long if you are not pushing the right button, at the right timing.
That was my #6 issue of my Trophy blogpost. I will of course post more, and I think I will play some more ps3 in the weekend or maybe later today. Stay tune for the next issue.



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