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My Thoughts about Overlord II

Posted by GamerBomb | Posted in | Posted on Saturday, March 06, 2010

Ok Now I have been playing Overlord II for a few hours, and in this blog post I am gonna write my thoughts about the game.

Overlord II logo

The game is about where the minions have to find a overlord also called "Master" to control them and here they got a little kid, where he is vandalising the whole childtown he is living in, and in the end he is getting kicked out. Now you are going to grow up and when you are a full adult, then you are finally started the real game.

Well we can start with the controls. I think it is kinda weird, because it is pretty hard to control how many you want to move, because it is going to fast at sending your troops of minions. So you are going to send to many over to the enemy troops, and you might be fucked :) Well also I think that sometime times my troops are not reacting. I think it is a bug or an error in the game, but I found out that you just have to call them to you. But the controls are pretty good, if we are moving away from the bad count sending system and bugs.

The graphics are pretty good, but it could have been done better. The cutscenes are amazing, but the mouth moving effects is fucking bad. it is not moving like the voice, so it sounds like the voice are not coming from the minion. So that could have been a lot better.

The game itself is ok, because it is like a whole world you are going to play in, where you start with controling a bit and then you can earn more land and destroy some of Caesars areas. The game is containing quests and tasks, so it like a RPG, but just where you are upgrading your troops and not yourself.

After playing it for a while, it was getting a bit boring, because the story is not really catching me. Also they are trying to entertain, with humor, like hippie elf and all that, but it is not really fun.

So I think the game is a bit boring, and not a game I could play for a lot of hours.



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