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Ninja Assassin - Thoughts

Posted by GamerBomb | Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Now I have seen the movie "Ninja Assassin". That was realeased in 2009. I have been looking at this movie for sometime, and watched a few trailers, and I thought it might be a really great action movie. Well sure it was. It was filled up with action and blood (A lot of blood). This movie is not for people that can't take to much blood, because this movie are containing violent blood kills. And ya I mean it, hads are rolling, arms and legs are flying around.

The movie are trying to fill it with some story, and it is succeeding with the backstory, but not the story itself. It is a pretty weak plot we are going through, so this is pretended to be a movie for all the action tasted people, that just want to enjoy a great gory action film.

But one thing, that is amazing is all the stunts. The movie contains parkour and full with jumping tricks.

My own view:

As I said before, then the movie is only a action movie with a weak story, but I say that it is almost containing to much action. I have no nr. of how many kills you are gonna watch in the movie, because there are a lot. And especially in the end, where you almost had a enough of all this action filled with blood.

If I should rate this movie, then I would give it: 4/10

Because this movie have to much action, and having a really weak story.



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