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Blog reopened

Posted by GamerBomb | Posted in | Posted on Friday, July 09, 2010

I know I haven't been active on this blog in avery long time. Now it will be changed, because I now when my laptop is broken, and I really can't make any playthrough videos, then I will start write blog posts almost every single day. Also I will actually start write text guides, and post them on the different text guide pages: Wikicheats, gamefaqs, ign and etc.

But I will also start up the trophy archieve posts again. I will discuss my lately archieved trophies. But the only problem is that currently I am buying lots of games, and I can't discuss all the trophies, because then it will just become a fucking long text, that no one would ever read. So I will then, start pick some of the trophies that I think is kinda special, and start dicuss them, and then I will in the end, just paste in all the trophies I have archieved without discussing them.

I will also start write update posts, so I don't have to put up update videos all the time. So I hope you will follow the blog, and I will soon upload a video about the blog. But it will be with movie maker...



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